Tailored financial services solutions

We consult our clients to increase the efficiency and quality of their financial services.
We do this first through an in-depth process analysis, further on we develop and propose solutions and finally we assist our clients with the implementation of the new process.

Accounting Services

We offer our accounting services mainly to the financial services industry in Luxembourg. From initial ideas to implementation of the structures, followed by the day-to-day management of these entities. This includes accounting services for both, non-regulated and regulated companies (e.g. Management Companies, Holdings, Private Equity, Real Estate, PFS).

Our services on this field consist of :

Efficient Clouding Accounting Software Selection and Implementation:

We strongly believe that the day-to-day processing of transactions for your business, meeting deadlines, preparation of quarterly/semi-annually management statements and year end statements should not be a chore anymore by choosing the right cloud accounting software.

By working through the following we will create efficiencies for you to focus on the things that are important to you personally and your business:

- Easy to use systems

- Real time processing/reporting

- Quality reports

- Collaboration with us and your accounting team

- Significantly improved timeframes for your year end financial statements.


Accounting and Bookkeeping:

This service includes additionally accounting assistance mainly under Lux GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS. You can decide whether to use our services for part or all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. You can retain your existing staff and hire us to assist with areas in which you require additional expertise or bandwidth.

So whether you require an expert to take care of your books of accounts or want an efficient customized accounting system to meet your accounting needs, we stay at your disposal for any request.

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