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We consult our clients to increase the efficiency and quality of their financial services.
We do this first through an in-depth process analysis, further on we develop and propose solutions and finally we assist our clients with the implementation of the new process.

Business Set Up

We assist local and international clients to facilitate smooth setting up of business for a new/group company. We offer complete business set up packages, right from establishment of your business entity till the start of your day to day activity.

If you are thinking of starting a business in Luxembourg, there are a number of steps you need to consider. Different supports and regulations apply, depending on your particular situation and type of company you want to set up.

Hereafter we highlight for you some of the important information you need to keep in mind and in which we can provide you helpful assistance, before starting your regular activity.

  • 1. Financial Structuring
  • 2. Registration process
  • 3. Infrastructure set up
  • 4. Initial Business set up

- Drawing up a business plan: Determine objectives by answering where will the business be in 3-5 years, what is the size of the company and what are the goals regarding market share, physical growth and human ressources.

- Choice of legal form: This decision depends on economic, tax and legal considerations.

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Chambre de Commerce

- Opening a bank account: Deposit of the share capital at formation.

- Drafting Articles of Association: By private deed or before a notary depending on the legal form of the company.

- Support on administrative formalities: We help you to centralize and submit all the required documents for the application and registration of the company (e.g. Business Permit, Social Security, Income Tax, VAT, CSSF, CAA, recording in the RCS )

- Assistance in identifying a location for your business: Depending on the size of your business we assist and propose you a suitable location for your company.

- Assistance in identifying suitable IT support Services: Assisting companies in the analysis and implementation to find an integrated solution for their IT needs.

- Assistance in coordination with third parties: e.g. Auditors, Regulators, Banks, Suppliers, Laywers

- Assistance in identifiying suitable operational set up package: e.g. Administrative, Legal, HR and Accounting Services

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