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We consult our clients to increase the efficiency and quality of their financial services.
We do this first through an in-depth process analysis, further on we develop and propose solutions and finally we assist our clients with the implementation of the new process.

Reporting Services

When it comes to meeting financial reporting requirements, organizations face increasing complexity as regulations, accounting standards and business needs continue to evolve.

Financial Services Consulting can help you improve your financial reporting systems and processes following the introduction of new standards, deal with financial reporting/accounting issues related to company transactions, and improve the quality and efficiency of your financial statements.

There will likely be more changes in financial reporting regulations and standards over the next two to three years than businesses have previously experienced in the past two or three decades.

Financial Services Consulting assists companies with their efforts to meet these requirements, including the preparation of financial statements and regulatory filings, the application and implementation of complex accounting standards for several Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Financial Reporting Standards ( Lux-GAAP , IFRS, US-GAAP, German-GAAP, UK GAAP...), and understanding the implications of these changes and requirements across the organization - all while keeping an eye on the overall performance and success of the business.

Financial reporting processes at many companies are geared towards cost efficiency and staffing at a level to just cope with normal workloads.

When peak periods arise the workload can no longer be managed by the existing core team without sacrificing quality. The increasing number of guidelines and standards are also placing a strain on companies' finance departments. We can help you bridge these gaps over the relevant process tasks increasing your flexibility, efficiency and service quality.

Please find summarized our Financial Reporting Services offer:

  • Developing financial reporting/accounting manuals comprising account plans, classification, recognition and measurement guidelines, as well as disclosures
  • Improve accounting systems and processes following the introduction of new standards
  • Address financial reporting/accounting issues related to the company's transactions
  • Improve quality and efficiency improvements in the preparation of financial statements
  • Preparing the consolidated financial statements and annual accounts
  • Eliminating weak points caused by capacity shortages in the units/department involved in preparing financial reports, as well as in accounting in general, which may arise as an unintended side effect of reorganisations
  • Eliminating bottlenecks in accounting units/departments during the integration of newly acquired companies
  • We also help organizations with valuing financial instruments and provide GAAP conversion assistance, transaction due diligence and other consultation services in this service area upon request

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